Our family discovered the adorable, exclusive world of designer-bred Pomeranian and pomsky a few years ago. Since then, we have adopted a few, and fallen in love. After introducing our babies to family and close friends, we decided to take our experience in breeding and apply it to this magical breed of pups.

We are a small family breeder Specialist in breeding healthy amazing romantic Pomeranian and Pomsky Puppies. It is our goal and responsibility as a breeder to ensure we produce quality, healthy, and happy puppies that have good temperament, and are loving and loyal in character. Pomeranian and Pomsky are stunning, highly intelligent, outgoing, social, and affectionate. They make ideal family companions and are a pleasure to own.


We maintain the best possible standard of health and care in all of our dogs and puppies. They are members of our family. Pomeranian and pomsky For sale  is home to the world’s finest Pomeranians and pomskies. We spend a fortune to buy the highest quality dogs to produce the highest quality Pomeranian and pomsky in the world. Pomeranian and pomsky for sale  is located in a beautiful country side on 8 acres that the dogs get to enjoy. They live a very peaceful and relaxed life. Snow Park Pomeranian and pomsky is a proud member of the International Poms and Pomsky Association. This prestigious group is home to the top Pom breeders in the United States. The group is held to a high code of ethics and only approved breeders can be members of the group.